Does God exist?

In a previous post I said we would begin to answer some questions. The fact is I am not going to answer a lot of questions for you, but I will provide information to get you started on a journey of thinking why you think the way you do and whether those thoughts are grounded in hearsay or a study of the facts, resources of information, and validity of those resources. Many times when we try to search out a subject we find a lot of opinions. But what substantiates those opinions? Some digging into the depts of a topic, rather than just a surface acceptance, is now required to find truth!

There are many scientific studies trying to prove God does not exist. There are also many scientific studies that prove He does exist. So, let’s look at a few studies on both sides. Many of what we call scientific studies are simply theories based on personal beliefs. Please take that into consideration when reading these articles.

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My goal is not to convince you one way of the other. I just want you to search out information and come to your own conclusion based on all the information you can gather. In the case of the existence of God there is one perspective I want to share with you, not to steer you in a certain direction, but to bring an element you will necessarily not find in any research.

My own personal journey into Christianity has been one of believing in God, walking away, not caring and then finding hope when I had none. But that did not end the journey. There were still years of much disconnect and wandering. That all changed one day when I heard His voice and felt His love. My searching continued, and I found that His love for me was unfailing and His thoughts toward me were good! That was just the beginning of a life long journey into a relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit!

How Did we Get Here

Starting where I left off last week, we were looking at who God is. Does He even exist? And if He does exist, what does that mean for our world and me personally? If He doesn’t exist how does that change things?

These are important questions that each of us need to ask. Where do we find evidence for or against the existence of God? What about the big bang theory that says that there was just a big explosion and everything was created out of nothing? In simple terms The Big Bang is a scientific theory about how the universe started, and then made the stars and galaxies we see today. The universe began as a very hot, small, and dense superforce (the mix of the four fundamental forces), with no stars, atoms, form, or structure (called a “singularity”).
Or how about evolution that says we evolved from apes? Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by the English naturalist Charles Darwin (1809–1882) and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual’s ability to compete, survive, and reproduce.

And then there is the Bible, which tells us God created the heavens and the earth.

So how do we determine which view is correct? Can we think critically about this issue? Is there scientific evidence for any or all of these views?

I know. I know. I keep asking questions, but rarely answer any of them. That is about to change. See you next week.