Core Beliefs and Choices

There are lots of thoughts streaming through my mind today.  I said I would answer some of my own questions, but I believe I need to establish where I am coming from, so you can decide whether you want to continue reading this journey or move on to another platform.

Everyone has core beliefs. I believe that everyone is given life by God.  He is our creator.  Everyone has a seed of God within them, which can readily be seen when we are able to see how each person is wired.  There is good and evil in this world.  Sin was released upon the earth the day Adam and Eve ate fruit from the tree of good and evil.  They believed a lie that was introduced to them and their eyes were opened. Where they had previously only seen and experienced good, they were now able to see and experience evil as well.

One of my core beliefs is that God is good.   I know that statement alone can open a whole world of questions and arguments.  My journey to that belief was not a short one, nor was it filled with goodness and joy.  Rather, it was filled with doubt, unbelief, hardship, and confusion. However, when I searched and searched for truth and how to arrive at the truth, the goodness and kindness of God were overwhelming!

I also believe everyone is created in the image of God.  Genesis 1:27 says:

 So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.

So according to the Bible, God created and continues to create.  He actually spoke the world into existence.  (Gen 1:1-3).  But why should we believe the Bible?  Is it just another book?

I am not here to force my beliefs on you, nor am I here to covert you.  I just want to present a perspective that has shaped my life and given me much joy!

We all have choices. We make thousands of choices every day. Even those things we do that are repetitious, like brushing our teeth, is a choice.  We can notice that quickly when we get out of our routine.

Choice was given to us when we were created.  God is not a monster who demands anything from us.  He is a Father who cares for us and wants us to be part of His family.

If you have an earthly father who was distant or even out of the picture, one who abused you, whether verbally or physically, a father who didn’t seem to care about you as an individual and rejected you at every turn; it may be difficult to see God as a father. But in our search for truth we may just discover who God really is.


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